City Dance Professional Dance Company

The Company has performed extensively in Houston-area venues and abroad, including Spain, France, Switzerland, and Monaco. Ms. Campbell's work with the company led the Houston Press to describe our dance company as “urban, edgy, explosive, and very sexy.” Houston City Dance is a nonprofit educational organization which enjoys the support of grants from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance as well as private companies, foundations and individual donors.

City Dance's touring company performs their vibrant mix of jazz, hip-hop, and classical styles in theaters and at cultural events locally and internationally. The Company's performers are young adults of diverse ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds, some of whom were at-risk students or high school dropouts from troubled backgrounds. The Company's students are routinely expected to give their time and talent to the community by promoting the art of dance through community service at venues such as schools, retirement and assisted living facilities, hospitals and homeless shelters.

The company is a flowing tapestry of visual and aural experience, and to watch City Dance perform is to see the pulsing synthesis of cultures, languages, neighborhoods, and lives. The company's practice studio shakes with the beating rhythms of innovation and tradition, the near-primordial screams and echoes of the mind working with and against the body, gathering a verve that spills into the performance halls and out onto the city's streets.